How SMEs are leveraging digital marketing

Changing viewership

Before the internet took off it was easier for large companies to keep their dominance over the market. TV advertising had quite a high barrier to entry. Of course, that has changed. Online advertising can suit any business with lower costs to entry and flexible costs depending on your budget.

Social Media

Social media is an interesting one for smaller companies. Social media needs to be leveraged in an authentic and effective way to create a strong brand presence. A small company needs to focus on building a strong brand through online interactions. Many smaller companies focus on the content of their feeds, rather than the tone and voice of the company. The tone and voice are what speaks to the user, building a very strong and recognisable brand for the business.


A smaller company needs to focus on creating a website that is easy to use, looks professional and is easy to navigate. A digital website should be the first point of contact for potential customers. If a user is unable to use the website and navigate the site, a smaller company will not receive the inbound enquiries that they are looking for. Have a website that tells your story and allows the customer to really understand what the company cares about. A story is far more memorable than too much factual information.

Digital Marketing

Ask yourself; what kind of message does the company want to communicate online? For the cost of a digital camera, and perhaps a camera stand, a company can take photos and upload them to Instagram.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is an effective way to reach potential customers. A smaller company can amplify their online presence with some paid advertising. Larger brands that operate multiple accounts for various product lines often have dedicated paid advertising which will promote products, whilst organic unpaid accounts will generate traffic by really engaging with the audience. The audience is less likely to respond to being spoken at, so the tone is incredibly important. For example, by becoming part of the community you will gain far more engagement than being outside of it.


An honest voice will always be listened to. Digital marketing has democratised mass communications and SMEs can use this to their advantage.



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