How to avoid ‘Zoom Gloom’


Many businesses that offer working from home have seen a reduction in sickness absence, improved productivity, and a better work/life balance due to having to commute less. Some employees who find it hard to concentrate at home may opt for a coffee shop or a library setting, both of which often offer wifi connections, though it should be noted many people find it much easier to concentrate at home when they really need to get tasks finished.


Whilst there are many advantages to working from home, some people who have worked over the pandemic may have felt more isolated from colleagues which may also lead to less innovation. There have also been concerns about the impact remote work could have on trust, company culture, mentoring and how employees collaborate.


It’s clear that working remotely and in the office, both have their advantages. Perhaps a hybrid model will emerge over time that features both. Many employees look for companies that offer some flexibility.



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